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Are We Really Open????

In Florida, most of the State is "open" to 100% capacity in public places such as restaurants and bars, it has reverted back to 50% with wearing your mask mandatory requirements. In the Estate Sale business, We really are open but most of us in the business are still heeding caution and still require masks be worn inside homes, we are still using lots of sanitizer products and trying to maintain social distancing.

I for one, am still very cautious about being the cause of a relapse in case numbers due to not using guidelines for the safety of all our customers. This is why I still demand following CDC guidelines in all our sales but that does not mean we cannot conduct a successful estate sale for our clients! People are eager to get back to following their passion of going to estate sales and hunting for that "next great find".

2020 has definitely put a damper on the estate sale business, like all other small businesses, but we are eager to start 2021 strong so do not hesitate to call one of the licensed, insured professional companies in your area to conduct a sale if and when you need it. Most of us do not just focus on a sale that involves the death of a loved one, we can and will handle a sale for divorce, downsizing, transitional moves and more......just ask!

Stay Well everyone.......


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